Ode to a Mench – Larry Henneberger

Larry Henneberger is a special person in my life.  We met in 1962 at Fort Knox, Kentucky, while attending the basic armor officers course.  We were both JAG lieutenants, but the JAG Corps wanted us to have some training in a combat branch.  We spent eight weeks at Fort Knox and 11 weeks in Charlottesville, Virginia at the JAG School.  In January 1963, he departed for Fort Story, Virginia and I headed for Fort Hood, Texas.  Thanks to Larry, we kept in contact through the years.

Larry spent three years in the Army and then joined Arent Fox.  Thirty years after our departure from C’Ville, he was instrumental in bringing me on board at the Fox.

So Larry has now retired from the Fox and tonight we will have a small retirement gathering for him at the Fahrenheit Restaurant in Georgetown.  I was not in favor of driving into the District on Inauguration weekend, but no one else seemed concerned enough to relocate.

The Fahrenheit is located in the Ritz Carlton of Georgetown.  I heard on TV that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are staying there this weekend.  I’ve already decided what I am going to say if I see them.  I’ll say, “Hey Faith, Hey Tim, How’s it going?”  Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, here is my tribute to Larry


Ode to a Mench

On April 13, 1938,
Another little Hoosier knocked on the gate.
Was the world really ready for this little guy?
You can hazard a guess, but don’t even try.

It was our little Larry, a fine little son,
The doctor was startled, he heard, “let’s go for a run.”
Already a fine athlete, skills not a sparsity,
Coaches took one look and put him on the varsity.

He was a college jock, but you won’t hear him brag,
A lawyer, a connoisseur and even a JAG.
And marathons, he ran marathons till it hurt,
He’s been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

A key Arent Foxer and such a natty dresser,
A man for all seasons and yes – father confessor.
Advising on associations, antitrust till it smarts,
Blinker lights, hoses, other automotive parts.
Award from a client, he’s held on high,
For lifetime achievement, from TSEI.

A loving husband and father, a religious man,
Speaks ill of no one, and a Cardinal fan
He lives his life right up to the brim,
And wouldn’t it be great to be more like him?

Now it’s time to retire, step back from the race,
Avoid the DC hassle, enjoy a change of pace.
We gather together, our friendship you hold,
For when God made you, he broke the mold.

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