Fearless Leader

Arent Fox is a great place to work.  It is a large law firm that doesn’t suffer from those things you expect to find in a large law firm.  People care for each other.  It’s fun to come to work.  We are rated high in pro bono and diversity.  We always seem to be moving in the right direction.  Oh, and by the way, we are very successful, both for ourselves and for our clients.

One of the reasons for the firm’s success is our Chairman, Marc Fleischaker.  On those occasions when the firm has stumbled (not recently), Marc stepped in and put things back on track.  He stepped in back in 1993, when he was appointed as acting managing partner, and revitalized the firm.  I will be retired, retired shortly (that’s what you do when you have already retired from the military), but I will still enjoy watching Marc grow the firm.

On his sixtieth birthday, I wrote the poem, below.

Fearless Leader Marc

Sixty, yes sixty, I do declare
The boy has made it and still has his hair
He’s remarkably trim, been through some hard knocks
Fighting tough battles and defending the Fox

He’s our leader, our savior, and when there’s a storm
He gathers the Firm up in the crook of his arm
When things look their bleakest, ever so dark
He sets up a Prom date at Hershey Park

He’s growing the Firm, core engines and stuff
Strategic initiatives STOP: that’s enough
But the Fox is ascending, our future chimes
But, please no more interviews with the Legal Times

A family man with an empty nest
Two loving daughters, so he’s passed the test
But even at this age, there’s no time to rest
There’s chores to do and Phyllis knows best

So, here we are at his birthday party
And, Marc is smiling and looking so hardy
But as we look beyond the smile and cheers
We know – He’ll be put out to pasture in just a few short years

So it’s time to close, watch out for the hook
Marc’s true accomplishments would fill a book
A trusted friend of that we swear
And, we’d follow Marc simply anywhere

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