When I was six, I told a not-so-funny joke to my grandparents and they laughed and laughed like I was a natural.  Since I was a middle child and didn’t get much attention, I decided to try to say and do funny things.  A number of years later, I found out that my grandparents laughed at everything.  But the dye was cast.  The good news is I survived saying and doing what I thought were funny things, but were probably very inappropriate.

This blog is a natural spin off of my saying and doing inappropriate things.  I’ve been publishing since 2007 and if you look at the different categories you may find something to amuse you.

I’ve been a high school and college jock, a law student and lawyer, an Army JAG, a mediocre poet, and a mediocre golfer, but I have finally found something I can excel at – I’m an outstanding retiree!


2 thoughts on “WHY IT’S HERE”

  1. P.J. Rice, I love your blog and I quote you in my soon-to-be-published book, McNamara’s Folly. I would like to send you a complimentary copy of the book. Could you please give me your mailing address? Thanks — Hamilton Gregory

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