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Why, Why, Why?

This website is a direct result of my efforts to figure out what I want to do when I retire.  I decided I wanted to write and, perhaps make people laugh or smile.  I have written quite a bit through the years, always trying to sneak in a little humor (not easy when writing on legal topics).  This is my window to the world.  It’s probably not open very wide, but at least it is here.

I am presently a partner with a super law firm in Washington, DC.  Arent Fox also has offices in New York City and Los Angeles.  Their website is (pretty original, huh?).  If you want to look me up (I’m not on My Space), try  I guess that makes my code name 225 and gives you some incite as to how big Arent Fox is.

I practice motor vehicle safety law.  Not a big winner at the cocktail party.  Professions are like jokes; if you have to explain them, you are lost.  “I do motor vehicle safety law.”  “Oh, how nice.”  Or, “Isn’t that interesting.”