Getting a Slow Start

I don’t know whether I am technologically challenged, or technically challenged or just challenged.  Probably, all of the above.   But, I knew I was in trouble when I couldn’t understand the tutorial.

I am determined, however, to have a blog and the fact that you are reading this indicates that I am making progress.

The blog site started me out with an authorization code that had 31 characters, and my first task was to convert the authorization code into a handy-dandy password.  It took me two days (with the help of support service) to accomplish the fete.  I kept getting a message that said,  “Authorization is denied because you have an incorrect customer number.”  They gave me the customer number.  I was looking at it in their email.  That customer number was the only thing I knew was right.  The next day, the support service technician told me to ignore the message.  Not a warm fuzzy, but when I resubmitted the password, it went through.

I think many of us have a love/hate relationship with our computers.  The more frustrating the computer becomes, the greater the joy when it does what you want it to, even if it is just changing the password.  I think I am going to get to know many of the support service technicians on a first name basis.

BOO! I saw you smile!