You’ll notice that I entitled this catogory “poems,” and not poetry.  This may be subtle, but I don’t think of myself as a poet.  A poet is “a creative artist of great imagination and expressive gifts and special sensitivity to his medium.”  I’m not sure I know what that means, but it ain’t me.  I make things rhyme.  I probably do better than country music, but that’s not saying much (I love country music and really don’t care when it doesn’t rhyme).  So let’s just call these things poems and be done with it.

Marty Beirne is the founding partner of Beirne, Maynard & Parsons in Houston, Texas.  This is a litigation firm that has been extremely successful under Marty’s leadership.

Well, a few years back (more that two and less than 15), Marty’s family decided to celebrate his 50th birthday with a Texas style party at Rio Ranch.  My wife and I were unable to attend, so I wrote the following poem for my dear friend.

                                                  ODE TO AN AGING BARRISTER

Happy be the man who has a friend, Marty,
A man much too wise to be only forty.
A man quite intense, who pushes to the limit,
A man who love life, cramming every last minute.

A half century’s gone, a substantial term,
But he’s witty and prosperous and has his own firm.
He’s loved by his friends and respected by his foes,
He flies like an eagle, and dumps on the crows.

But fifty is a milestone,
be hail and be hearty.
Let’s go to Rio Ranch,
for a Texas style party.

We’ll lift one for the guy,
for he’s a special friend,
who electrifies the air,
and hangs in there to the end.

Bespectacled and hair thinning,
but still oh, he’s so nifty.
I’m sorry I missed the party,
Let’s do it again in fifty!

3 thoughts on “Marty”

  1. I like what your doing, seems that you do have a talent weak as it might be, ha ha joe

  2. Jack I think I forgot to tell you I moved to San Antonio TX now live in the ARC. joe ps great country music just up the road

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