What Ought-Six Wrought

Each Christmas, I write a poem that goes out with our Christmas cards.  It is my way of reporting to our friends on what happened during the year.  I plan on posting the poems.  Maybe someone will see the subtle and not-so-subtle humor woven into the verse. 

RAJA is the Retired Army Judge Advocates.  We meet every year to renew old friendships and struggle with world problems. 

I hope you enjoy Christmas, 2006.

                                       What Ought-Six Wrought

It’s time to report on the year Ought-Six,

It’s good times and bad times, the usual mix.

There were bright shining moments and yes, some wearies,

But it can’t be all bad, when the Cards won the Series.


Last year, I mentioned remodeling, bathrooms here and there,

I also mentioned selection of tile, caused someone to pull out her hair.

Well, the project took on a life of its own, and expanded in curious ways,

We set the mark high, and we climbed and climbed, until all involved were dazed.

But, the project was probably worth it.  Let me set the scene,

When people enter our house, they ask, “Which way to the Taj Latrine?”


Saying Carole is organized, is a gross understatement,

She’s summa cum laude at disorder abatement.

But the bathroom remodeling caused a noticeable tilter,

Like when they vacuumed their mess, without use of a filter

She kept calm and poised through this dust bowl year,

Adding to the legion of our organized dear.

It was a year of stress, of stroking and coddling,

But next year for sure, there’ll be no remodeling!


Our RAJA reunion was good times and giddy,

Under Mt. Rushmore, in Rapid City.

The Baker’s live there and the Heaston’s played host,

In the shadow of Mt. Rushmore, we all shared a toast.

In July we toured Oregon, but we took our licks,

When we arrived in Portland, it was 106.

But with waterfalls, golf resorts and yes, Crater Lake,

Throw in some whale watching and it was great, for criminy sake.

What’s great about a fiftieth high school reunion is just being there,

Who cares about a few extra pounds or the sight of missing hair.

Jack had a great time, full of East Side High stories,

Remembering lost friends, revisiting past glories.

We all had laughs, some had a tear,

And Carole’s due up in just a year.


We lost our pet, Holly, early in the year,

It was a great blow, ‘cause she brought us such cheer.

She was never a problem, never a fuss,

As a matter of fact, she was smarter than us.

We will never forget her, never, no never,

She’ll be in our memories, forever and ever.

Jack’s working on phase-out, it’s work so to speak,

You’ll find him in the office three days a week.

Next year only two days, and then comes none,

It’s a nice way to transition toward wall-to-wall fun.

Even then he’ll be busy, but he’ll make the selection,

From a world of choices, and the speed of projection.


Regarding our progeny, as far as we can tell,

Nothing much has changed, so they’re all doing well.

Three grandchildren in High School and one in College,

We hope by osmosis, they’re all gaining knowledge.

Then there’s Kristin, our only granddaughter,

Fourteen and that smile, you have to applaud her.

Little Jack’s a delight, but he can be a booger,

When he dips into the candy, and loads up on sugar.

But all six of the grandchildren are such a delight,

Who would have guessed, they’d all be so bright.


So as the year closes, and we pause to reflect,

On our friends and loved ones, all those we respect.

We cherish those memories, at all times of the year,

But especially around Christmas, when families draw near.

So enjoy the Holidays, be healthy, thank Heaven,

And try to come see us in 2007.