The Earth – The Fragile Onion?

The earth is getting warmer, it’s clearly getting older,
I could turn off my seat warmer, but, damn, it’s getting colder.
I want to do the right thing, I agree with what they say,
I’m opposed to burning rivers, and I want to save the Bay.

They want my gas powered car, even though I always car-pooled,
They tell me electric’s cleaner, they think they’ve got me fooled.
Where does electricity come from?  What generates it all?
There’s probably a smokestack involved, it’s not just a plug in the wall.

We’ve had earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados as long as the earth was around,
But now we blame them on global warming.  Is such thinking really sound?
Global warming has become passe, I know that that sounds strange,
But to assume a broader posture, they call it climate change.

I’ve been watching the temps in my burg and the city,
It’s cooler in my burg, and not quite so gritty.
Let’s pull the cities down, that will eliminate some heat,
We’ll mention breaking eggs and omelettes and won’t even miss a beat.
Pulling cities down might sound unorthodox,
But it’s forward, liberal thinking, thinking outside the box.

I grew up in East St. Louis, a tough industrial town,
Our air was full of soot, we wore it like a crown.
Stockyards to the North, Monsanto to the South,
Stinky, stinky winds, well shut my mouth.
But we all survived, some of us moved away,
The town has gotten worse, but that’s for another day.

I think the earth will survive, it’s taken our best shot,
It survives India and China, and gray air you can swat.
It’s not such a fragile onion, it’s withstood the test of time,
We may kill each other, but the earth dusts off the grime.
So here’s to the not-so-fragile onion, here’s our salute,
You’re going to make it baby, and we truly give a hoot!

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  1. I will tell you, nothing makes writing these blogs more rewarding than hearing from old friends. I was really disappointed that Obama didn’t pick me to read one of my poems at his inauguration. Anybody know what rhymes with “fast and furious?”

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