Christmas the Year After – – 2013

As many of you know, I post a Christmas poem each year.  This is the year after Carole’s surgery and it has been a good year.  We take set backs in stride and have for many, many years.  Enjoy.


Christmas the Year
After – – 2013


It’s time
to report, for the umpty-umpth time,

For a
status report, done with a rhyme.

Report on
the family and the National scene,

Country’s screwed up, but we’re peachy keen.

year’s about recovery, from last year’s bout,

surgery had us down, but definitely not out.


started the year normal with our Disney World trip,

And golf
lessons for Jack, maybe this time they’ll stick.

been there so often, we love it just the same,

But it
gets quite embarrassing, when the characters know our name.

(“Hi Carole, Hi Jack” — “Hi


now the President of the Fort Belvoir Golf Fuds,

You can
be the President, while not one of the studs.

scores are a tad better, but the ball has no zing,

everyone does comment, he has a lovely swing.


We saw
this cruise, Osaka to Alaska to Vancouver,

excited our fancy, such a wide sweeping maneuver.

A great
time was had, but April was chilly,

Adak and Dutch Harbor was downright silly.

The bad
news was Carole came down sick,

She was
hospitalized in May, ain’t that a kick.

(We missed RAJA)


brought the girls, Becky early, Missy late,

so sweet to come, with so much on their plate.

We took
Becky to Lancaster, for a short break,

Kitchen Kettle Village and some funnel cake.

Missy to the Eastern Shore, the day was so drab,

But we
stopped at Kent Narrows and ate lots of steamed crab.


things happened, things that were fun,

Tyler graduating, Summa Cum Done.

got married on a cold Flagstaff day,

with frostbite, but hey, what the hey.

It was
beautiful, romantic, it made us feel young,

But to be
starting over, I rather bite my tongue.


Paul and
Sandy have moved, it’s a great fix,

closer to us and away from the sticks.

Still a
deputy warden at a very different facility,

With all
women “guests,” there’s little to no tranquility.

grown up fast, he seems very bright.

athlete, a diplomat, he’s such a delight.

scary thoughtful, he makes us nervous,

He called
Grandpa on Veteran’s Day and thanked him for his service!


A cruise
in September and, surprise, a golf theme,

friends joined us, it was like a dream.

Boston to
Montreal, to see the Autumn splendor,

But how
many colors can you see when facing a bartender.


So the
year’s wrapping up, but there’s still lots of pressure,

Christmas Party looms, would you like a refresher?

Our last
attempt was 2009, that was the year of the blizzard,

The snow
was as high as an elephant’s eye,         

We’d have
had to be a wizard.


It’s a
great time of year, Missy may come to the party,

Paul’s family for the holidays, good times will be hardy.

To all of
our friends, we wish you love and good cheer,

And a Merry
Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year.


                                Carole and Jack

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